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Isak Anshelm 


Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

Caroline Boileau (CA)


Juanma Gonzalez Marcos // Allison Katz


Gotland is Sweden's largest island, located in the middle of the baltic sea.   The population is 57,000 of which about 23,600 live in Visby, the main town. Visby is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Gotland’s history is in many ways unique, and the Viking times are no exception. The magnificent picture stones, found only on Gotland, give visitors an exciting insight into the Viking world with their picture motifs.

The huge number of silver finds bears witness to wealth found nowhere else at our latitude. The coins show the extent of Gotland’s contact with the outside world and the trade that helped make the island so rich.

Its position in the middle of the Baltic Sea made the island a natural hub for contact between West and East. Gotland became a commercial center, with the town of Visby the most important Hanseatic city in the Baltic Sea. However, being an island also meant developing along different paths, creating special traditions and legends.


The first modern day tourists came to Gotland during the 19th century and were known as "bathers".Gotland became very popular with socialites at the time through Princess Eugenie who lived in Västerhejde, in the west part of the island from the 1860s. In this time Gotland also became a place for artists. The Gotland light has always been fascinating and an attraction for artist. So as William Blair Bruce  and Carolina Benedicks Bruce who moved to the island 1900.  




One of the cottages 

Every year, since 1937, The Brucebo Foundation gives artists the possibility to come live and work at Brucebo. Canadian and Swedish artists have the opportunity to apply for art residency/scholarship.


The scholarships are administered by Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Art and Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm depending on your nationality.  Our artists in residency have the possibility to work and live in their own little cottage located close by the sea and nature. The cottage includes kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, a studio space and last but not least, a fantastic view over the Baltic sea.  


Have you recieved this years grant?

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We have gathered some practical information about the cottage and the island in a welcome letter so that you can be as prepared as possible before your recidency. Learn more!

Welcome To Gotland!

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