2019 Artists in residence - Winnie Truong and Natália Rebelo

January 01, 2020

Winnie Truong is a Canadian artist working with coloured pencils and cut paper collage to examine issues related to identity, feminism, and fantasy. The exhibition at Brucebo Gallery features an installation of collaged drawings acting as an immersive diary of her interpretations of the surrounding flora, fauna observed throughout her residency experience. For this project she has created new drawings inspired by the nature surrounding Brucebo after spending the summer immersed in the lush landscape of the Brucebo Reserve and collecting the wild flowers on Gotland. Her work reimagines the familiar local flora but ultimately her forms transcend reality and biological possibility. These strange plants provide a playground for the female subjects at the center of her work. This installation looks at the tension and play of the female experience and the power and diversity of the female form. Visitors are invited to explore these multi-dimensional drawings and examine the connections between nature and the body.

Natália Rebelo is a visual artist based in Stockholm. Her works shift between various media including performance, sculpture, text and moving image. It investigates notions of power and fiction as a method for envisioning alternative futures. For the residency at Brucebo she has been working with gore and horror films references through the use of moving image and sculpture. She holds a BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and MFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. The exhibition at Brucebo Gallery presents an installation that includes different elements of horror and distortion in objects, moving image and sound. During the residency at Brucebo she has been working on a script, filming scenes and building a sculpture.



July 27, 2018


Architectural photographs from two rural villages and a homestead in Yorùbáland Nigeria. The villages are elegantly preserved and maintained in a way sympathetic to the history and heritage of their past inhabitants. They are an intentional/unintentional museum of a world long gone, accessed only on the conditions of modern technologies such as satellite dishes and mobile telephone towers.

These villages have a rather unique concept, because the people who inherit the land of their ancestors do not wish to erect new immaculate retirement homes, the norm in other rural villages. These two villages are the evidence of the native ways, and the acceptance of the colonial rule, featuring beautiful churches and Mosques, available on visits for burials and occasions when the diaspora return home to claim their inherited titles and chieftaincies.

These chieftaincies wield no significant power or influence, although it remains one of the last traces of traditional pre colonial self governance and access to a bygone era. The homestead on the side of the express way between 2 very big cities, offers a little glimpse of nature and calmness in an otherwise hectic metropolis.

Utställningen visas i samband med de guidade visningarna, tisdagar, torsdagar och fredagar 11.00 & 13.00.


ENTRE DEUX EAUX - Mellan två vatten

April 25, 2018



2017-års resestipendiat Caroline Boileau visar sina akvareller och skisser från sin resa till Florens och Nordnorge. 

Caroline är från Montreal och har genom Brucebos resestipendium gjort en resa från Florens i söder till Vardö i norra Norge. Världens ände, enligt en del. Caroline arbetar i akvarell och på sin resa i Florens studerade hon den anatomiska vaxsamlingen på La Specola-museet. Världens största anatomiska vaxsamling. Vidare åkte hon till det arktiska Nordnorge och Steilnesets minnesplats, en minnesplats tillägnad offren i 1600-talets häxprocesser i Finnmark. Minnesplatsen är skapad av arkitekten Peter Zumthor och konstnären Louise Bourgeois. Hon har också tillbringat några dagar i Stockholm där hon besökte både konst- och historiska museer samt Kungliga Biblioteket där hon studerade Codex Gigas "Djävulsbibeln".

Besök gärna Carolines hemsida http://www.carolineboileau.com/

Grounds - Laura Findlay

2017-års kanadensiska Brucebostipendiat


Four hundred and fifty million years ago, Gotland was a different place. The tectonic plate where the island now sits was below the equator, and was home to a vibrant tropical reef forest. Through three minor extinctions happening in a geologically short succession – the Ireviken, Mulde, and Lau events – the life in the forest was extinguished and as the remnants compressed over time they became the flaky limestone that Gotland’s life now flourishes from. Grounds is an exhibition that explores the geologic history and formation of Gotland through paintings and sculpture that address how fragmented information is used to understand events in the past, present, and future. This project is made up of an array of artworks on panel, paper, and ceramic that combine imagery of flora and fauna from the Silurean reefs that formed the limestone of Gotland with contemporary wildlife and landscapes, and sandblasted found objects. Through these works, past, present and future are brought together to present a subjective portrait of land and time.

Tower of Europe - Isak Anshelm

2017-års svenska Brucebostipendiat


With the ocean as backgound - 80 år av stipendiatkonst på Brucebo

26 JUNI - 29 AUGUSTI 2017


Det är tydligt att de unga, lovande konstnärerna som kommit som stipendiater till Brucebo år efter år inspirerats av samma källor som Carolina och William. Platsen och omgivningarna återkommer som inspirationskälla och motiv från första till sista verk, trots olika tekniker, stilar och uttryckssätt. Gunvor Setterdahls målning från 1946 visar på den gamla ”fiskarstugan” som så många av dem bott i medan Corri-Lynn Tetz (2016) i det, för platsen, typiska blårosa kvällsljuset avbildat den steniga stranden nedanför stipendiatbostaden. Inte helt olikt William Blair Bruces blåa hav. ”I think I’ve only ever partially understood when artists talk about being inspired by nature. ” Skrev Tetz om sin vistelse vid Brucebo. Lupé Rodriques (1975) kunde “live truly intergrated in nature” och passade gärna på att ta seden dit man
kommer med snaps och rökt flundra. Den rökta flundran blev även en favorit för Juanma Gonzalez Marcos (2016). Tiden på Brucebo verkar för många ha fungerat som en bubbla där de haft tid till att utvecklas och landa i sig själva och sitt konstnärskap. För en del, likt William Blair Bruce, har platsen blivit som ett ankare för en sökande konstnärssjäl.

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